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Our New Client Advocate Process

Our New Client Advocate Process

At Brisbois Capital Management, our firm’s process is designed to specifically help clients visualize the path to reaching their financial goals and alleviate any concerns through careful financial planning. Our team developed an educated, authentic, and caring approach with a high level of customized service to financial professionals and their clients since the inception of our firm. We are excited to bring this knowledge and service to help their clients achieve their financial goals. 

We listen to the concerns and needs of our clients and then meet to collaboratively respond with researched information and care, and we work hard to base each approach depending on your needs.

Our time-tested new client advocate process contains the following steps:

Step One - Pre-Appointment:

In this first step, we will send you an Introduction Kit in the mail that includes important information about who we are as a firm. We will also arrange our first appointment with you once you receive the Introduction Kit.

Step Two - Is There A Fit?:

The second step is our first meeting with you. At this meeting, we will determine your financial goals and what is important to you and your financial future to ensure that we are a good fit for each other and can work together efficiently and effectively.

Step Three - Fact Finding:

After meeting with you for the first time, we will send you a Confirmation Letter and Checklist in the mail for you to complete. After confirming our second appointment with you, we will then meet with you to utilize our financial data-gathering tool in order to gather as much information as is necessary to begin developing your financial plan.

Step Four - Implementation:

Our third meeting will consist of implementing actions included in your unique financial plan. In this step, we will open your accounts and begin the transfer of your assets. If there are other matters that require prompt attention, we will schedule another meeting with you to be held at a later date.

Step Five - Asset Transfer (Optional):

This step, though optional, can be useful to clients who have urgent financial needs to discuss after the financial plan has been implemented. We will adjust your asset allocation and your financial plan as-needed based on your circumstances.

Step Six - New Client Welcome:

Once your financial plan has been implemented, we will monitor and review it as our relationship with you develops over time. We will also send you a Welcome Card, a Welcome Letter, and a Welcome Gift in the mail along with your first statement as a thank-you for deciding to trust us with your finances.

If you feel that our process aligns with what you may be looking for in a financial partner, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our financial planning process.

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